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Illegal Dumping of Rubbish

Here at Rubbish Removal Kings we are declaring war on illegal dumping which has an adverse effect on the environment, people and society as a whole.

Illegal dumping is the disposal of unwanted rubbish in areas that were not given permission by the land owners or in unauthorised areas, and is a serious and avoidable issue that has plagued societies and communities. Some examples of illegal dumping are throwing household rubbish, garbage and waste on someone’s property or a nearby council area such as a park, throwing construction waste on the footpath or even putting your own rubbish at the front of your house without permission.

Why do people dump waste Illegally?

Unwillingness to Pay

Inmost areas waste collection is provided by your council and not always to your convenience. Therefore, people look to hiring an independent business. Consequently,residents will have to shell out money from their own pocket to dispose of the items, which sometimes they do not want to pay. In some areas, residents do not have the money to pay for their own waste collection. Therefore, they resort to other avenues such as illegal dumping


In some cases, people are either unaware of the services that are offered or are simply unwilling to seek them out. If people do know where a recycling center is located, some may not be willing to make the effort to drive to it or have the equipment to transfer rubbish. Therefore, it may be more convenient to dispose of items by illegally dumping the rubbish.

Uncaring Attitude

“Out of sight, out of mind!” In other words, if you don’t witness something occurring,you tend to forget it exists or even turn a blind eye. This is the idea behind the uncaring demeanor that exists with dumping waste illegally. Some people don’t see firsthand the serious effects on the environment, health, and others,or they do not care and the practice will continue.

Why is it a problem?

Illegal dumping is a distasteful look and can affect our health, safety and put the environment at risk, especially when hazardous chemicals such as paints, fuels or asbestos is involved and can cause damage to the environment by polluting land and waters. Even if the land owner unwittingly allows rubbish to be dumped on their property it can still contaminate the land and water, and cost thousands of dollars in clean-up costs.

Illegal tips and recycling depots can avoid the costs of engineering an appropriate landfill or depot, meaning they may not have suitable environmental measures in place. This can lead to contamination of land and waters. Some offenders also profit from charging people a fee to receive the waste.

Offenders who illegally dump waste also bypass paying the disposal fees, licence fees and the waste levy, and illegal operators undermine the reliable waste market by taking away from honest businesses.

The financial costs to communities because of illegal rubbish dumping is costing Australians millions of dollars every year. A pile of rubbish that has been dumped illegally on a person’s property doesn’t just affect the individual whose property the rubbish has been dumped on. It also runs the risk of rubbish getting into water run off areas such as storm drains and sewerage.

Illegal waste dumping can affect all aspects of daily life, and most people don’t realise it. That is the problem.

There are three main repercussions of illegal dumping which include health and safety concerns, environmental damage and financial burdens.

Health and safety concerns

Dumping waste illegally in your local area does not only look bad but has a negative effect on the people that live there. Illegally dumped rubbish can block access to pathways and driveways. This is not only a disruption but a hazard to individuals using the footpaths, this is particularly worrying for the elderly and those with impairments that rely on accessible paths to get to places and exercise.

If illegally dumped rubbish has any toxic materials, for examples: chemicals,asbestos, paints or fuel, these can soak into the soil and pollute bushland and local water sources. Overall, this can have a harmful effect on humans and wildlife. Illegally dumped wooden waste such as furniture and construction waste can quickly become a fire hazard if dumped illegally.

Environmental damage

Pollution from waste often ends up in rivers, storm water drains and eventually drifts into the ocean. This can cause harm to the environmental habitats and waterways for humans, animals and native plants. Animals and marine life can also consume this rubbish from thousands of kilometers away. Have you seen the photos of the turtles trapped in plastic or heard the news that a pregnant whale died with 50 pounds of plastic inside her stomach?  A continuous or once off act of illegal dumping could end up being the reason behind these unnecessary tragedies.

Financial burdens

To keep our area clean and residents safe, millions is invested in cleaning up illegal dumping. This is a significant amount of money that could be used for many other projects as there is a lot access to rubbish removal.

Also,majority of the materials could have been recycled or repurposed which are dumped irresponsibly and illegally, not only damaging the environment but also engaging others to think “This is okay, I’ll just do the same and save some money”.Things like green waste, plastic take away containers, white goods, e-waste,and car parts are worthwhile resources that can be recycled and reused.

What You Need to Know

Illegal dumping of waste is a significant problem and crime that not many people may know about. The damage extends way beyond what most people may imagine. The NSW government has put in place costly penalties to control this illegal act by funding $65 million in the Illegal Dumping Program. However, the root cause of the problem lies in our behaviours and heavy fines won’t be enough to change many people’s mindsets or habits.

To reduce illegal dumping, we need to be aware about the dangers of illegal dumping and help others understand the impacts of illegally dumping waste and on the right ways to go about rubbish removal. This way, we will generate a clean environment for ourselves, wildlife and our future generations.

Where can you report illegal dumping in Sydney?

Local councils can help handle illegal dumping for waste of small items on private property, council parks and beaches. For larger size dumping such as tonnes of rubbish that poses a serious risk to  the public health or environment, the Environmental Protection Authority(EPA) will step in to investigate.

You can also report illegal dumping to the local police or Crime Stoppers on 1800333 000. In case of an emergency, you should call 000 immediately.

How can professional rubbish removal companies help?

Rubbish Removal Kings is a leading rubbish removal company in Sydney that has extensive training and experience in rubbish removal Sydney.

Whether you need to get rid of household junk, commercial waste or construction junk,Rubbish removal Kings can handle it. Then, sit back and relax. Your rubbish pick up will be taken care of with your and others health, safety,environment and cost in mind. Together, we can ensure a sustainable and safe environment for many future generations and wildlife to enjoy.

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