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Top 4 Recyclable items you won’t need a rubbish pick up for

The environment is a big concern nowadays so people are interested in knowing more about items that they won’t need a rubbish pick up for. Wherever you go people are talking about climate change and sustainable energy. Nature is of the utmost importance, especially for the future generations. We want to leave behind a clean, unpolluted Earth for our children. At Rubbish Removal Kings, we are very conscious of our environment, so we like to recycle as many items as possible. Here are our top 4 items that can be recycled or reused, so you won’t always need to consider a rubbish pick up for these:

1. Furniture can not only be recycled, but it can also be upcycled too: Turn that tired piece of furniture into something new with a fresh coat of paint, or easily gift it to a relative or neighbour. Furniture nowadays costs so much money, even if you’re not getting top of the line furniture for your house, the expenses can prove to be a little too much for the average renter. You can also sell furniture on a website, such as Facebook Marketplace, eBay or even Gumtree, so it can live on in another person’s home.

2. Pots and vases: Again, these can be painted to bring them back to life. People are always looking for new pots and vases. Plants add a unique flair to your home, so pots are highly sought-after items.

3. Shelves: Unless they are completely broken, you may like to hang on to shelves, you never know when they might come in handy. Shelves have so many uses. They can hold DVDs, books, trinkets, whatever you want.

4. Old bathtubs: Have you ever seen a bathtub garden? You can create an iconic standout piece in your garden with an old bathtub.

Use your imagination! Get creative and sustainable. There’s a lot of old furniture out there that is begging for a second life, so get cracking.

Of course, you will always have items you need to dispose of. Whether you don’t have the space anymore, you are moving, or you just generally need to clean out. For those, Rubbish Removal Kings is ready to help. And you can have peace of mind knowing that we will recycle everything we can, so our service is really sustainable and eco-friendly. Get in touch with our team today. Whether it’s for rubbish pickup, or even just a free quote, contact Rubbish Removal Kings today.

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