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How do I get rid of old furniture in Sydney?

Getting rid of old furniture is always a sore spot for most people. It is an absolute pain no matter where you are from. Especially if the furniture is large and bulky, like a big sofa, or a large cupboard or entertainment unit. It can be too heavy for one person to lug to the curb. If the furniture is still in good condition, you have many options to dispose of the furniture. Here are a couple of ways to get rid of unwanted, old furniture.

1. Give it away to friends or family. Giving old furniture away to a friend or a family member is probably the easiest way to offload furniture. It is also quite generous, as good furniture is quite hard to come by these days. Of course, this option is probably out of your grasp if the furniture is broken, or somehow unusable. But if you are feeling charitable, then this option is one of the better ways to get rid of unwanted furniture. Speaking of charitable, giving your furniture away to a foundation such as the Salvation Army or St Vincent De Paul would also be beneficial, as it will quickly find a new home through those channels.

2. Selling it on Ebay or Facebook Marketplace is also another way to get rid of old furniture. You will also turn in a profit this way. No one can say no to some easy money. You will more than likely not get what you paid back, but a little money is better than none. Furniture is also one of the most sought after items on Marketplace, so it will definitely sell quicker.

3. Recycling your old furniture is a way to extend the life of some broken or unused furniture. If you are creative or savvy with tools and woodwork, you could perhaps repurpose the old furniture into something new. This option is not available to everyone, but even broken furniture has the potential to become something new and exciting.

4. If the furniture is in a bad state of disrepair and nothing else can be done or you don’t have time to waste, you should call the Rubbish Removal Kings. You could wait for the council clean up, but they are always late, and they might not even take some of your bigger items. If you call Rubbish Removal Kings today, you can get a free quote and same day service. Rubbish Removal Kings give the best rubbish removal service in Sydney and will cater to your every need. We have the manpower to move any unwanted furniture out of your home, so don’t delay and call today.

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