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Rubbish Removal in Sydney: Where Does the Waste Go?

For most people, where their rubbish ends up isn’t really a matter of concern. We just throw our rubbish and possessions away and not worry about them anymore once they’re gone. However, with the new concern over the environment it raises questions about where all our waste ends up. It is a valid concern, as improper disposal of garbage can harm us and the Earth in the long run. So where does all the waste go?


Most of your household waste goes into landfill. Believe it or not, a lot of waste has no use beyond being thrown away, so if it cannot be recycled or reused for some other purpose, it is then thrown into landfill. About one third of our waste is put into landfill, so you need a lot of space for all that useless garbage.Sydney has three of these dumping sites for non-organic and organic waste when there is no use for them anymore.


Another more efficient method for disposal of waste is using incinerators. Incinerating waste is a lot more space-friendly and better in the long run. Garbage is incinerated with the utmost standards in Sydney, so there is nothing to worry about. Certain types of waste HAVE to be incinerated, such as medical waste, pharmaceuticals and biomass, as they can be dangerous if left out in the open. Incinerators also produce less greenhouse gases than landfill sites, so this is a much more eco-friendly choice.

Waste Streams

This method is mainly used by industry. These waste streams are only used for by products and waste from production, like ash, red mud, brine and biomass. They are typically hard to put into landfill and cannot be incinerated, so a separate water source is designated as a waste stream for this sort of waste. They are heavily regulated by the council to ensure that none of this waste makes it into our clean sources of water.

Recycling Facilities

Recycling has become a more popular form of rubbish disposal in recent years. As environmental concerns have been raised, people have been recycling their waste for a more sustainable and cleaner earth. Recycling is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint, as the materials can be reused over and over again.

Waste-to-energy Facilities

Waste-to-energy is a rather new concept when it comes to waste disposable. The idea of converting garbage into an energy source is very exciting, but the technology hasn’t been perfected yet. Some facilities in Sydney are operating through this scheme, but some questions are being raised over the possible negative side-effects of this method.

As you can see, your garbage goes to all sorts of place, so hopefully this can give you some insight on the whole process. At the end of the day, garbage removal should be handled by professionals, and no one is more professional than the Rubbish Removal Kings. Call today for a free quote.

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